Hello and welcome to my web site.

I have moved a full circle in my life to work as an “artist”. It is my new job. I would like to show my efforts and tell a little about myself, as knowledge can add interest.

artiststudioWhen leaving Art School, being an artist, an illustrator or whatever was part of my thought process; but who knew how to go about it?

Struggling and with no money, fate took a hand — a job in advertising as a storyboard artist. They gave me a script, I drew a storyboard; and they gave me a cheque. It seemed good to me.

It started an unexpected career in advertising.

I became successful and, after a while, felt to test myself, I should move from London to the then “mecca” of advertising — New York.

So my wife, Maria, and I got on a boat, experienced that unbelievable New York skyline at dawn and just started out.

There was no job, no place to stay, no friends, a few contacts; but we were too young to be scared.

Somehow it all worked out. We met a wonderful new friend who gave us initial lodging, I got a job, worked in top agencies, we had two wonderful sons, I worked on major accounts, went around the world several times and became an Exec/VP/Creative Director at a major agency.

America and Americans were wonderful.

I then moved into the Corporate Communications business, creating and directing multi-media projects with actors, dancers, multiple screens, multiple projections, film, video, lasers, special staging, special effects, moving screens, celebrities — sometimes all happening at the same time.

I now am retired and have the opportunity, the time and the support to be an “artist”; to restart my beginning, to close the circle. How lucky can you be to have had and still have these opportunities?

So now it's just me, a blank canvas, tubes of paint, a few brushes. No crew, no partners, no account executive — just me — but, as always, still seeking approval.

I hope you enjoy my site.

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